Light Fixtures & Electric Supplies in Winnetka

We've been providing exciting new quality lighting at Idlewood Electric Supply Inc. to the Winnetka, IL area since 1958. Our lighting specialists are here to help you find that perfect chandelier, wall sconce, or floor lamp to complete your home decor design. With a vast array of products in every department, you can stay true to your traditional roots or include a sleek modern unit to refresh your living space. We are here to answer any questions you might have while finding the right mix of lighting solutions for your home or commercial project.

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Shop Our Beautiful Showrooms Near Winnetka

Our award winning showrooms situated in Highland Park, Barrington, and Chicago provide the perfect environment to see our products in their best light. Instead of selecting your light from a crowded grate hung in a warehouse setting, we offer carefully designed displays that will echo the environment the fixture is intended to inhabit. If you see a globe or design that catches you eye but desire a larger or smaller unit, our catalogs offer thousands of options so you'll end up with exactly the size and shape needed.

Recessed Kitchen Lights or Under-Cabinet Accents

We offer a complete collection of updated lighting solutions for your renovated or new-construction kitchen. Opt for recessed lighting fixtures for that smooth ceiling appearance or add some strips of LED lights under your cupboards. New options include customizable colors so you can mix and match to find that perfect hue against your tile and countertop. Track and pendant lights provide spots of illumination over key prep and cooking surfaces.

Create Excitement in Your Winnetka Foyer with Chandeliers

The entry to your home or business is really the centerpiece of lighting. Whether you seek something simple with timeless elegant curves or a geometric study in crystal, glass and chrome, we can find the right one to fit your space. If you are thinking six-light or sixty, our friendly sales staff can help you select the shape and materials needed to make a memorable statement in your home. In a commercial setting with 20-foot high ceilings, a chandelier can provide the feeling of a smaller space by bringing your eye down closer to the floor.

Contemporary Fixtures for the Modern Home

Exterior Lighting Protects Winnetka Businesses and Homes

Even if you enjoy the solitude of your rural property, a well-lit driveway and front door works wonders for welcoming guests and chasing away-unwanted characters. We offer wall-mounted down lights, LED path and stair lights, post-mounted, and motion-activated lighting systems that can provide a warm glow for your pool area or help pedestrians find their way at night. We'll be happy to suggest new ideas to clear away those shadowed corners of your property with low-energy efficient units.

Popular Pendants in a Rainbow of Color

Pendant lighting is becoming more popular. These small lights can brighten up an entry, help illuminate a hallway or provide an accented glow over islands and seating areas. Their small size encourages a wide variety of design in globes from glass to woven metal to punched tin. You'll find units available in every color of the rainbow while exploring dots, stripes, and swirls along the way. A pendant light may be the perfect finishing touch over your vanity table or powder room decor.

Ceiling Fans for Those Hot Winnetka Summers

Nothing beats the convenience and comfort of ceiling fans. With a simple touch of a remote you can enjoy a cooling breeze while you've got your feet propped up. Our showrooms are filled with ceiling fans designed to fit any size room. Perfect for residential and commercial use, they offer an efficient means of circulating stale air without investing in an expensive air conditioning unit. Choose between three, four, and five blade units in a variety of finishes such as wood, polished nickel, and wicker.

When you are shopping for new lights for your Winnetka, IL home in ZIP code 60043, come on by the beautiful showrooms of Idlewood Electric Supply Inc. and we'll help bring your house to life with exciting and new options and designs.