Add Sparkle to Your Northfield Home or Business with New Light Fixtures

If you're looking for something new and exciting when selecting lighting fixtures for your Northfield home, come visit our award-winning showrooms at Idlewood Electric Supply Inc. and enjoy thousands of square feet featuring real world lighting design samples and ideas. Since 1958, our friendly and knowledgeable service staff have been helping you find the perfect lights to complement your residential home or business. 

Shop for Eco-Friendly LED Lights in Northfield

When searching for a traditional lighting fixture for your deck, front door or dining room, new LED technology can help you save energy and money on your monthly bills while delivering the same appearance and warm light found in your old fixtures. Ask our staff how LEDs can help you brighten up your home while supporting a responsible and eco-friendly lifestyle.

Light Up Your Living Room with Contemporary Ceiling Fixtures

Are you looking to update the decor of your living room?  Replacing your aging fixture with a modern ceiling light from Idlewood Electric Supply Inc. can erase any vestige of boring and dated design.  Check out new shapes, sizes, and materials such a bronze, polished nickel, or gold. Select from flush-mounts, pendants, orbs and more to complete your new living space.

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Add a Twist to Your Northfield Entry with a Modern Chandelier

Explore all your lighting options when you visit our showrooms with creative options for your large or small entry. Choose a 6 or 12-light fixture in a teardrop or starburst design. The simple elegance of a single pendant can add interest in a dark hallway or place a modern semi-flush if you have low ceilings.

Create a Unique Gaming Room with Pool or Poker Table Lighting

When you are creating that perfect entertainment space, you might be looking for unique lighting solutions for your family pool table.  Speak with our design experts for tips and ideas when illuminating your family theater, lighting up that classic poker table or even creating a special space for working on arts & crafts. Mix and match pieces labeled for a kitchen or workshop and repurpose them for your enjoyment.

Cool Off Under a New Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fan lights remain a popular solution when trying to beat the heat of a Northfield summer.  Their cooling breeze can be activated through remote controls while 3, 4, or 5 blades can lower the perceived temperature in a space without ever turning on the air conditioning. Choose one that matches your design with options in wood and metal.  Reverse their direction in the winter to better circulate your air and control your heating bill.

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Exterior Lighting Protects Your Northfield Property

Protecting your home does not require you leave the lights on all night long with motion-activated outdoor lights available at Idlewood Electric Supply Inc. Shine a light into those dark corners of the back yard or by your garage when an unwelcome visitor approaches.  Add path lights and a new light by the front door to help guests find their way. Brighten up your patio, pool area and back deck with low-level post-mounted fixtures that can allow you to enjoy long Chicago summer nights.

Use Track Lighting to Organize Workshops and Kitchens

Versatile track lighting can easily be configured to brighten up your workspaces and then adjusted to provide illumination for the entire room.  Their surface-mount design makes them an easy option when finishing off a basement playroom or exercise room.  Expand the design with modular fixtures that can be added or removed to create the right level of light for your space.

If you'd like to learn more about our extensive inventory and lighting options for your Northfield, IL home or business in ZIP code 60093, don't hesitate to come visit our beautiful showrooms or contact us through our website or phone.