Idlewood Electric Lighting and Supplies for Glencoe

Idlewood Electric Supply Inc. delivers quality lighting and electrical supplies for customers in the Glencoe, IL area. Serving the public since 1958, we pride ourselves on excellent customer service while providing a wide array of pendant lights, ceiling fans, lamps, and fixtures for your kitchen, bath and home at a competitive price. We also have a great selection of commercial products ready to protect and light up your business. Our highly trained lighting specialists looked forward to the opportunity to answer any questions you might have and can help you find the perfect lamp or light for your home.

Shop For Lights Near Glencoe

Shop For Lights Near Glencoe

Come browse and select the next light for your home at one of our award-winning showrooms located in Highland Park, Barrington and Chicago. You'll find a beautiful selection in our tastefully decorated settings that demonstrate how they will appear in your home.  Skip the clumsy displays at those other places with warehouse backdrops. We are right in your neighborhood and provide all the assistance needed to pick the right fixture for the right space.

Go Green with New LED Bulbs and Fixtures

Idlewood Electric stocks a wide array of new lighting fixtures that are designed to incorporate energy-efficient LED light bulbs. The new technology uses up to 90% less energy to provide the same light and last much longer than incandescent or florescent bulbs. LED also allows you to choose bulbs that emit light closer to warmer color temperatures for a relaxing yet brilliant interior.

Contemporary Fixtures for the Modern Home

Contemporary Fixtures for the Modern Home

Your new house needs upbeat and dynamic lighting fixtures in keeping with your busy life. New materials include industrial looks of wrought iron, cut glass and minimal polished metal units. Sleek dome lights feature frosted glass covers with no distractive trim for that seamless, clean look you've been searching for. Changing out the chandelier over your dining table can bring the room from the 70's into present day.

Ceiling Fans are Still a Great Investment

Perhaps the faded laminate and wicker ceiling fans in your mother's house turned you off from installing one in your home. However, with new designs and technology, ceiling fans can improve the heating and cooling efficiency of your home by providing better circulation. You will be more comfortable with the flip of a switch and your energy bill could be lowered. Our lighting experts would love to assist you in selecting a ceiling fan that will look beautiful and improve the function of your home.

Update Your Glencoe Kitchen and Bath Lighting

How many times have you wished for better lighting when chopping vegetables or stirring the pot on the stove? Track lighting, recessed lighting, under-cabinet lighting and accent LED lighting work together to raise your kitchen renovation from ordinary to a brilliant and functional space.  Chase away the shadows with properly placed spots, under-cabinet lighting and overhead fixtures capable of illuminating the entire space. Bathroom updates can include additional lighting in the walk-in shower, vanity lights and proper lighting of cabinets and drawers.

Entertain in Glencoe with Outdoor Lights

Floods, in-ground up lights, exterior wall sconces and decorative accents blend together to raise your dark back deck and pool area to a nighttime party deck.  Add low voltage lights to stairs for surefooted access without lighting up the entire neighborhood. Idlewood Electric carries post lights, outdoor sconces and motion activated spotlights to improve security for your entire property. With the right exterior lights, your family won't be chased inside when the sun goes down.

Pretty Pendants Accent Any Room

Pretty Pendants Accent Any Room

These popular additions to lighting design can add light and color to almost any space in your home. Their adjustable height and precise positioning make them perfect for kitchen islands, hallway nooks and as living room decor. Choose from an endless array of lenses and globes in colorful glass and metal to match the exact look and feel of your home.

For help regarding any of our light fixtures for your Glencoe, IL home in ZIP code 60022, don't hesitate to give us a call at Idlewood Electric or stop by one of our showrooms.