Find New Light Fixtures and Electric Supplies in Evanston

Idlewood Electric Supply Inc. features a wide variety of lighting fixtures and electric supplies for Evanston, IL residential and commercial customers. We opened our doors in 1958 and have since grown with continued support from out dedicated and satisfied clients. Our large showrooms are full of creative ideas featuring modern, contemporary and traditional options for your ceiling light, wall sconces, pendants, and track lighting needs. If you have any questions, we are committed to finding the right answer in a timely and responsive manner. Known for quality fixtures and excellent service, we look forward to the chance to help you illuminate your home or business.

Locate Modern Lighting Fixtures in Evanston

Our showrooms have been recognized for their versatile and creative designs.  We have three different locations in the Evanston area including Chicago, Barrington and Highland Park. Customers will be pleasantly surprised as they enjoy displays featuring real-world examples instead of a cluttered grouping in a warehouse setting. We'd be happy to assist you in making your selection of a unique, modern ceiling light that will be part of your home for years to come.

Buy light fixtures in Evanston

Contemporary Lighting Solutions for Your Kitchen and Bath

Find options for shining light into those shadowed corners and prep spaces of your kitchen and bath. Whether redesigning your current lighting or adding something new, check out LED strip lights to brighten up your counters under the cabinets or LED spots to provide a little more brilliance over the chopping block. Ceiling fixtures no longer have to be florescent tubes, but can include eco-friendly technologies that provide more light while lowering your energy bill.

Buy light fixtures in Evanston

Cool Off in Evanston with New Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans can be seen as outdated, but when those steamy Illinois summer days arrive, a breath of fresh air circulating through your living room or bedroom can bring blessed relief. We offer a complete inventory of ceiling fans in a mixture of metal, wood and finishes to work with your decor. New features such as variable speeds, remote controls, and motion sensors make these practical lighting fixtures a welcome addition to many homes.

Commercial Lighting Fixtures Illuminate Your Business

Idlewood also offers commercial lighting solutions designed for your business. Whether you are updating the fixtures in the large, open, cubicle space or wish to add a modern accent to your entry, we have the ceiling, wall, and outdoor fixtures you need to warm up any area where your customers and employees need just a little more light.

Come Home in Security with Outdoor Lights

With updated outdoor lighting fixtures available in our showrooms, discover how easy it is to ensure you never come home to a dark home again. Motion-activated entry, walkway and step lighting will light up as soon as someone is within the sensor’s radius. Guarantee a bright doorway every time a sudden guest arrives while you turn off the extra cost of outdoor lighting late at night. Protect your family by adding a floodlight to the patio and chase away burglars and unwelcome wildlife from dark corners of the yard. Even your CCTV system will be able to record a clearer picture when an intruder is not hidden in shadow.

We look forward to helping you find the right lighting solution for your Evanston, IL home or business in the ZIP code 60201 area. Give Idlewood Electric Supply Inc. a call or stop into one of our showrooms today.