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Chandeliers are the focal point of a living space to enhance the room's aesthetic and appeal. A chandelier has the ability to pull together all design elements to make a room feel complete. Whether you're looking for an industrial chandelier in a living room or a contemporary, linear style over a dining room table, there are endless options to fit any décor or style. Selecting the right chandelier in a home takes time and thought. Always take into consideration the size of your room, ceiling height and table size when selecting a chandelier for any space.
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- To determine the width of your chandelier, take the length and width of a room in feet and add them together. Convert that number into inches and that will determine the width of your chandelier.
For example: If your room is 15' x 10' room = 25' Convert 25' to 25" and that is the approximate width of the chandelier

- The bottom of a chandelier over a dining room table should sit approximately 32" – 36" from the top of the table.

- The width of the chandelier should be half the width or diameter of the table.